a journey of making a little side project.

1. client

The client is the web interface you see when you type bucketmap.netlify.app. I started with the baby steps and in 24 hours, I have come up with the very first version of it, you can also see it here. There is nothing fancy, I went with the first tools that I found, hardcoded mock JSON data, and tried to apply what I draw on the paper.

  1. Mapbox to render the map, marker, and item popups
  2. Netlify to deploy

2. panel

The panel is where I add and manage content for the client. It consists of the basic CRUD operations using GraphQL queries and mutations.

  1. Ant Design components for the UI
  2. Netlify to deploy

3. service

Although GraphQL reduces complexity on the client-side, it slightly increases the complexity of the backend, but I promise it is for a good cause.

  1. PostgreSQL & Prisma for database and ORM
  2. Prisma Cloud and Heroku to deploy

what did it cost?

I am currently using the free tiers of all the services that I need, they are limited in some points but it is enough to see how things work together and bring the whole idea online on the internet. I only spent $13 on the custom domain back then, but I would have even not done that while preferring a subdomain of free providers now like Netlify, Heroku, etc.

what I have learned?

I feel more confident using React which I started to learn roughly a year ago, I realized the progress in this one and it made me happy a lot. There are still many things to learn and practice, especially with GraphQL but I am keen on going forward.



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Ebru Kaya

Ebru Kaya


founder at noecrafts / a coder, indie maker and lover of nature 🍃 https://ebrukaya.me